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Weather-appropriate clothing questions

I am going on BUNAC from July 12th - January 12th. Here's the problem: Do I pack only a few summer and a few winter clothes, or mostly summer-fall clothes, then mail them back to my parents and have them mail a box of fall-winter clothes when I need them?

I'm thinking it'll be better for diverse wardrobe purposes if I choose the latter, but I was wondering if anyone had any packing advice in general who has experience. I welcome your comments!

Next: shoes. For London, what is acceptable clothing & footwear for general everyday use? I tend to wear very casual sneakers/trainers, jeans, and a tee shirt. I think, however, that this might be too casual. When I was in London 2 years ago I found I felt very underdressed and "American"-looking with my Old Navy tees! Help, please! (For reference, I am a 24 year-old American female who plans to work in the Education field or as a nanny...)

Also - for you British women - what do you generally wear to bed? I tend to wear a longish nightshirt and shorts or something, but I wondered if there was a general sort of accepted bedwear.

Thank you *very* much for your help!

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