lady_charlotte (lady_charlotte) wrote in rulebritannia,

A little self-advertising and help requesting

I'm setting up a website all about Britain, so I can keep a link back home while I'm stranded across the pond. I'd like it to be for Brits, ex-pats, people visiting Britain and generally anyone who has an interest in Britain. I'm hoping to build up a library of useful links and information about various aspects of Britain (places to go, things to see, enjoyable pastimes, local customs etc), but I don't want it to all be from my perspective, so I'm asking for input from anyone out there who thinks they can lend a hand.

I have a messageboard set up for general chatting and dropping off of ideas, and I'll be building up the front page over time. Any help either from you or anyone you know who may be interested will be gratefully received :)

(x-posted in a few places, so apologies if you see this more than once)
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